Majukumu ya Bodi

Functions of the Board

Functions of the Board (as provided under Section 5 of the Act) shall be to:

(i) Establish a system for registration of town planners;

(ii) Provide for a system of nurturing competence, knowledge, professional conduct,
consistence, integrity and ethics in town planning;

(iii) Promote transparency and certainty in the planning process ;

(iv) Register persons qualified for registration as town planners in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

(v) Promote interest in town planning, evaluate activities and promote advancement of the profession of town planning.

(vi) Provide opportunities and facilities for the study and training in town planning, promote the development of research and the application of technical information relating to town planning.

(vii) Inquire into the professional misconduct of a member and institute disciplinary
proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

(viii) Foster co-operation among registered town planners and between the Board and
other institutions or organizations, nationally or internationally concerned with
environmental planning and management of sustainable development.

(ix) Provide technical advice to the government and other national institutions, on matters
relating to town planning.

(x) Assist members of the public in matters relating to the practice of the profession of
town planning and management of sustainable exploitation of natural resources; and
carry out such other functions as may be conferred upon by any written law or as are
incidental to the performance of its functions.